Meifu Shinkage Ryu

Martial Life Skills is also registered with Meifu Shinkage Ryu as an official Keikokai (Shuriken training group), guided by Otsuka-Sensei, the current Head Master of Meifu Shinkage-ryû (Soke).
In addition to teaching Meifu Shinkage-ryû in Japan, he teaches in official Branches and Study Groups (Keikokai) in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. His skills are recognized and highly appreciated by many Budoka in the world. Currently Otsuka-Sensei guides and teaches about 200 students world-wide. This number has been growing steadily in the last 7 years.


Meifu Shinkage-ryû teaches skills using Bo-Shuriken (棒手裏剣). Such throwing spikes are made of 14 to 15cm long square bar steel, and are 6 to 7mm wide. The official MSR Bo-shuriken were designed by Someya-Sensei.

Fundo Kusarijutsu

The Fundo Kusari (分銅鎖) is the second major weapon taught in Meifu Shinkage-ryû. A safety Fundo Kusari, made of a plastic chain and a soft “weight”, is used to teach novice practitioners in a safe manner.


More advanced practitioners of Meifu Shinkage-ryû learn how to use hand held blades, known as Shoken (分銅鎖). Shoken are part of a specialized category of hidden weapons, known as kakushi-buki (隠し武器).