Our school and class

Bujinkan Badges

We teach Bujinkan Ninjutsu, which is an organisation incorporating 9 different Ryu or schools. 3 Ninjutsu schools and 6 Samurai schools all dating back over many hundreds of years and surviving the Battlefields of Feudal Japan. ¬†In other words, if they didn’t you would not be learning them now, so they work.

These schools include many traditional techniques and weaponry from the scrolls that were very relevant back then but now they form the basis or our art, the fundamentals to teach us balance, distance, timing, footwork, and the list goes on the more you study them.

Using these same principles we can adapt them for a modern survival art to combat today’s challenges. They give us the skills and mental attitude to walk with pride, humility, and awareness to be confident, and a

“victim no more”.

We have developed our own street combat syllabus based on the traditional fundamentals comprising both armed and unarmed defense.

Ninpo Taijutsu – In most class’s you will training in basics, rolling, striking, traditional techniques, modern combat, weapons techniques, evasions, warriors mindset, awareness and more.

Your first lesson is free, and membership should be paid within the first month, once you are happy that you wish to stay and start you journey.

The opportunity to train in Japan is always open and well worth the experience.

Age required is 16 years and over.